Sunday, June 8, 2014

June at The Somerset House Inn in Provincetown

June at The Somerset House Inn in Provincetown

Sitting here writing this as it is 75 outside and guests have hit the beaches.  Although summer doesn’t officially arrive until later this month it’s here in Provincetown.  And when Miss Ritchfield
Photo by Petar Dopchev
and Dina Martina are back you know it’s summer.

The Provincetown International Film Festival is June 18 – 22 this year.  Honorees include Debra Winger, Patricia Clarkson and David Cronenberg.  For film buffs this is the event of the year.  Movies, movies and more movies.  Check out their schedule here.

The restaurants are open for the season.  We’re heading to Backstreet on Wednesday.  Other new restaurants include MAC’s seafood which opened last fall, Tin Pan Alley across from Town Hall and Lorraine’s which closed and then re-opened a couple of blocks from The Somerset House Inn.  We’ll have our review of Backstreet next week.  Part of the job of owning a guesthouse is that we have to be able to give restaurant recommendations.  That means we have to try all the new restaurants – it’s a tough job!

We also have some new shops in town.  One of our favorites is Room 68.  The owners stayed with us when they were first looking for space in Provincetown so we got to know them and now they’ve opened a couple of spaces down Commercial Street across the street from us.  They are across the street from Botanica which is another one of our favorite places, they opened last year.  The guys from Botanica also have a great garden that keeps Dan on his toes when he tries to keep up.  The East side in Provincetown is a happening place to be.  And when you done your shopping at Room 68, Botanica and are heading over to Utilities you have to try Ptown Scoop.  My new favorite is the bourbon caramel pistachio brittle.  OMG it is good.  And we love Coco, the owner.

With all the incredible food in Ptown and Coco’s ice cream we need some physical activity to keep us so slim and trim.  Dan has made some major changes in the front garden that gave him a good workout as he pulled out bushes and trees.  But, you are going to have to come visit us to see the finished results!

We’ll give you an update more shops, galleries and restaurants in the future.  And of course we’ll get back to you with restaurant reviews as we eat our way through town.  What’s going on in June and beyond?

June 18- 22 – Provincetown International Film Festival.
June 27 – 30 – Portuguese Festival
June 27 – 30 – Summer Kickoff Weekend
July 1 – 6 – Fourth of July Celebrations
July 12- 20 – Bear Week in Provincetown
July 22 – 26 – Girl Splash
Just a sampling of events and activities.

We have limited availability for the Film Festival, 4th of July holiday and Bear Week.  We have good availability for the Portuguese Festival and the Summer Kickoff Weekend.  We’d love to have you start your summer at The Somerset House Inn, give us a call or go on-line to make your reservations.  Click here to make your reservations.